Version 7.0New

  1. Introducing new feature ie: multi company. Now you can select, create multiple companies directly with Exfi company selection wizard
  2. Introducing with new safe and secure backup feature.
  3. Secure login added on launch of application. Now you can secure your product by login with username and password.
  4. New HSN and SAC code button added in GST HSN & GST SAC code settings wizard. Now you can add missing gst HSN and SAC code by yourself and use it further.
  5. GSTR1 - CSV and JSON file updated. GSTR1 improved.
  6. Switch company button added in three dot button menu in navigation header section.
  7. Windows 8 not responding bug solved.
  8. Stability improved code optimized.

08th Nov 2017

Version 6.5

  1. Credit/Debit Note Added- Now You can create Credit, Debit & Revised Note
  2. GSTR1 updated with HSN report, credit debit registered and credit debit unregistered.
  3. Unit of measurement upgraded with new unit i.e. Square feet
  4. Software activation wizard optimized now it can scan your clipboard
  5. Print invoice view optimized with new print layout of Credit Debit Note.
  6. PDF Export of documents optimized.
  7. Reports optimized with Stock Report and GST Report.
  8. Sales invoice, purchase invoice, credit debit note and quotation add wizard optimized.

14th Oct 2017

Version 6.4

  1. GSTR-1 invoice export with xls, csv, json.
  2. SAC codes added in Taxes menu
  3. GSTIN validator added in various form like company profile, add client
  4. E-commerce GSTIN added in company profile
  5. Is paid and e-commerce gstin added in new invoice section. Now you can quickly mark paid invoice at the same time of creation.
  6. Sale, purchase & quotation documents export in PDF.
  7. Sale, purchase & quotation Document type (Goods or Services) added. Now you can create separate invoices for goods as well as services.
  8. Export in CSV & XLS added in reports section Stock Report & GST Report.
  9. Add item form changed and optimized.
  10. Stability improved and code optimized.

23rd Sep 2017

Version 6.3

  1. Add/Edit Product Exceptions Removed
  2. Logo image fixed

2nd Sep 2017

Version 6.2

  1. Introducing with new style Printing layout and print preview feature with standard invoice document layout based on Indian GST.
  2. Bank details added in company settings.
  3. Shipping details added in Customer & Supplier.
  4. Sales, Purchase invoice and Quotation can be edited now.
  5. Auto increment in Sales, Purchase invoice and Quotation can be modified by user.
  6. Subject to reverse charge added in Sales, Purchase invoice and Quotation.
  7. Summary, Stock and GST Reports improved.
  8. Stability improved and code optimized.

30th August 2017

Version 6.1

  1. Export import of Items & Contacts added via .xls file.
  2. Summary, Stock Report & GST Report export to PDF, CSV, XLS and print added.
  3. GST Report modified.
  4. Financial year delete with optional delete of it’s data added. Now user can delete financial year with data of this specific financial year.
  5. Sales invoice, purchase invoice & Quotation number can editable. Now use can re edit the number and also maintain it’s auto increment property.
  6. Sales invoice, purchase invoice & Quotation can be edited. Now use can modify or edit it’s created sales, purchase invoice & quotations.

21st August 2017

Version 6.0

  1. Introducing with new feature - Report with summary, stock report and GST report.
  2. Print layout optimize.
  3. Items view modified.
  4. Bugs removed.

01st August 2017

Version 5.0

  1. Introducing with new colored UI.
  2. Items status added with three categories In Stock, Out of Stock, Stock running Out.
  3. Company form modified - Stock running out limit added.
  4. New feature - Added application activation to with key.
  5. Products out of stock notification on dashboard added.
  6. Bugs removed stability improved.

28th July 2017

Version 4.0

  1. Dashboard UI changed and speed improved.
  2. Bugs removed.
  3. Print layout modified.

25th July 2017

Version 3.0

  1. Introducing with new feature of stock products quantity effects on sale or purchase invoice.
  2. Stability improved.
  3. Code optimization.
  4. Color code effects on product out of stock case.

22nd July 2017

Version 2.0

  1. Now you can manage your documents like sales invoice, purchase invoice and quotation in reporting layout.
  2. Documents are saved to database so it will say whenever user back.
  3. UI improved with Dashboard a summary of your complete staff.
  4. New feature - Contacts are added and can be manage as Customer & Supplier.
  5. New feature - Company info added.
  6. New feature - Financial year added.
  7. New feature - Backup restore.
  8. New feature - Print layout configuration
  9. New feature - Primary Printer

19th July 2017

Version 1.0

  1. Quick release sale invoice, quotation, purchase invoice and may more.
  2. Manage HSN with tax according to Indian GST standards.
  3. Manage items.

2nd July 2017